The lightest banjolele you’ll ever play ..

cipollino-waiz-italy Waiz Banjolele is the epitome of innovation and tradition, offering you an exceptional musical experience like no other. Crafted with a neck-through body design and a streamlined, lightweight skin tightening system, it sets new standards in both aesthetics and performance.

This unique banjolele mixes traditional american mountain banjos with moroccan traditional instruments. This extraordinary instrument fuses the rich heritage of American mountain banjos with the charm of Moroccan traditional instruments. The result is a banjolele that not only captures the essence of two worlds but also brings forth a harmonious blend of cultures through its distinctive design.
Paolo Bianchi found the inspiration while travelling in the old medina of Fez, in Morocco, where he went to an historic drum shop and met the typical Moroccan drum called “Tar”: a thin drum equipped with an incredible fish skin that gives a superb tone and a mysterious aspect. When he came back home, he designed this unique banjolele!

Main Highlights:

  • Neck-Through Body Design: Crafted from two pieces of Spanish cedar joined seamlessly to create a neck-through body, enhancing the instrument’s sustain and resonance.
  • Sustain Enhancement: The neck-through body construction not only provides durability but also significantly improves the instrument’s sustain, allowing for a richer and more expressive sound.
  • Adjustable Head Tension: The back of the banjolele features brass screws that allow you to easily adjust the tension of the skin, giving you control over the instrument’s tone and playability.
  • Two Head Material Options: The Waiz Banjolele offers a choice of two distinct head materials: fish skin or calf skin. Each material brings its unique tonal qualities, allowing you to tailor your playing experience to your preferences.
  • Minimalist Design: Unlike traditional banjoleles, the Waiz Banjolele boasts a more minimalistic design, resulting in a lighter and more comfortable instrument. This design not only enhances its portability but also adds a touch of modern elegance.


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