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Introducing the Tembo Ukulele: an extraordinary travel companion.
The name Tembo, derived from the Swahili word for Elephant, evokes images of distant lands, while its color mirrors the earthy tones. More than just a ukulele, Tembo embodies a concept and an idea, bringing people and cultures together.

Handcrafted from a single piece of wood, Tembo boasts remarkable durability and resonance. Its fluorocarbon strings offer a wide tonal range, while high-quality friction tuners ensure consistent tuning. The unique blend of Red Cedar, Spanish Cedar, and Ebony woods represents a fusion of cultures, each wood type contributing to the instrument’s distinct character.
A standout feature of Tembo is its almond-shaped soundhole and elephant-themed fretboard designs, exuding a captivating appearance. But it’s not just about looks – Tembo’s essence lies in its practicality. Weighing a mere 380 grams and designed with rounded edges for comfort, it’s a lightweight and convenient companion for any adventure. The low action and expertly ground fingerboard provide exceptional playability, and the natural finish complements its overall charm.



    But there’s something even cooler about Tembo. Through the Kenya Ukulele Project, it becomes a force for good. Inspired by the London Ukulele Project, this initiative aims to provide music education and ukuleles to underprivileged children in Kenyan schools.
    This project gives ukuleles and music lessons to kids in Kenya who might not have a chance to learn music. Last year, they gave 70 ukuleles to schools in Kenya. When you buy a Tembo Ukulele, a part of the money goes to this project to help even more kids learn music and have fun. By buying a Tembo Ukulele, you’re not only gaining a beautifully crafted instrument but also contributing to the empowerment of children through the joy of music.


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