Electric ukulele designed in collaboration with Christopher Davis Shannon

cipollino-waiz-italy Introducing Cipollino the distinctive soprano electric ukulele, boasting a one-of-a-kind jazzy vintage sound. Crafted primarily with an alder body and a European curly maple top, this plucked instrument features an exquisite satin finish in a honey stain, lending it a classic vintage appearance that inspires the finest jazzy melodies.

The story behind the Waiz electric ukulele is intriguing and worth a brief recount.

Renowned American ukulelist, Christopher Davis Shannon, contacted me with a vision to bring his dream instrument to life—a soprano electric ukulele, complete with adjustable volume and tone, premium materials, and various other exceptional attributes. Collaboratively, we embarked on its design journey, exchanging numerous ideas and insights.

After a few weeks of concerted effort, the project came to fruition, resulting in this exceptional electric ukulele


The origin of the name Cipollino for this unique uke is rooted in a charming anecdote. Drawing inspiration from Italian language, Cipollino translates to small onion in Italian. This name was chosen as a heartfelt tribute to the renowned children’s novel “The Adventures of Cipollino”, authored by Gianni Rodari in 1951.
In this enchanting narrative, the protagonists are brought to life as animated fruit and vegetable characters. The ukulele’s color and shape evoked vivid memories of the Italian children’s story and its animated adaptations.

What sets Cipollino apart as a truly unique electric ukulele?

  • Captivating Sound: The handmade single-coil pickups by Fanner Guitar Works from Cape Town produce a beautiful, distinctive sound.
  • Chambered Body: the body is chambered, rendering it exceptionally lightweight while enhancing the frequency spectrum.
  • Premium Materials: Each component of this uke is meticulously chosen to achieve the optimal aesthetic and sonic outcome.
  • Concentric Controls: Volume and tone adjustments are thoughtfully positioned on the upper bout’s side, ensuring unhindered strumming without the risk of inadvertently altering settings.
  • Signature Inlays: The fretboard is adorned with unique moon and stars inlays, which embody Chris’s distinctive signature.


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