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Hi everybody! Ciao

I’m Paolo Bianchi, an italian Luthier graduated in the School of Luthiery in Milan

The Master luthier Paolo Bianchi has launched a KICKSTARTER Campaign, because he has the need to collect some money to officialy start his brand WAIZ.
The rewards that Master Luthier Paolo Bianchi offered helped him to start his project.

Kickstarter-Campaign Why KICKSTARTER?

Kickstarter is a crowdfunding platform: here everybody can show his creations.

Thanks to this web source people around the world can help the project creator to increase his opportunities to realize his dreams and can directly support his project just through a donation.
Each campaign offers rewards that the supporter can choose and recieve at home once the champaign is ended.
His dream was that presenting WAIZ banjo ukulele and its rewards to the world I could have offered the opportunity to let musicians and music lovers to have a unique plucked instrument and supporting WAIZ Project too.

The Kickstarter campaign began the 1st of April 2020 and ended succesfully the 25th of April with a huge success

Paolo promoted also related rewards such as WAIZ keychains, piezo-systems and T-shirts.

Waiz-Banjoukuleles-tshirt pencilcases-Waiz-banjoukuleles keychains-Waiz-Banjoukuleles

What is a Banjo Ukuelele by WAIZ?


Banjo Ukulele by WAIZ is a four stringed plucked instrument

This plucked instrument has a powerful and bright sound enhanced by the fish leather of which its soundboard is made of.

This banjolele design is inspired from mountain banjo, a special type of banjo, and it is built in two pieces, with a neckthrough body.

Strengths of banjo ukulele:
light mass and sweet sound of banjolele makes this musical instrument special and unique in its musical instruments category.

Paolo Bianchi chooses to construct the Banjo ukulele the subject of its promotional campaign, because of its main characteristics:

    powerful-sound POWERFUL SOUND:
    the Waiz Banjo Ukulele’s sound is loud, more than the usual ukulele. However, it mantains its tipical sweet sound, especially if it is played with fingertips.

    strenght STRENGTH:
    Waiz Banjo Ukulele is a very strong musical instrument. It is built in two 18 mm thick chunks of spanish cedar, which is a very stable type of wood, and in a fish leather soundboard, which provides resistance.

    unique-design UNIQUE DESIGN:
    the aesthetic of the Banjo Ukulele is unique and simple, aiming at having a light and comfortable instrument.

    precision and accuracy are on of the main drivers in creating each instrument. top-quality
    Paolo Bianchi selects the best materials at my disposal.

    Paolo Bianchi becomes efficient in making Waiz Banjo Ukuleles. economic-price
    Hence, the luthier is able to keep low price, making each instrument more affordable.

    art-of-luthiery There are many ways to practice the craft of Lutherie

    Master Luthier Paolo Bianchi cooperates together with well known italian professionals in Lutherie as Liuteria Cocopelli, Liuteria Gabrielli and Liuteria Bertucci.

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