Hi, I’m Paolo Bianchi, an italian Luthier graduated in the School of Luthiery in Milan.

On my web page I’m going to launch a KICKSTARTER Campaign, because I need to collect some money to officialy start my brand WAIZ BANJOUKULELE.

I hope that the rewards that I offer will let you help me. Just a few words spent about Kickstarter.

Why did I choose Kickstarter?


Kickstarter is a crowdfunding platform: here everybody can show his creations.

Thanks to this Channel people around the world can help the project creator to increase his opportunities to realize his goal and can directly support his project just through a donation.

Each Campaign offers rewards that the supporter can choose and recieve at home once the champaign is ended.

My hope is that my presentation and rewards I offer, will let musicians and handcraft lovers help me in this project.

Starting from Day 01st 04 2020 will be the date of the Campaign publication and from that moment on, by making a donation to my Kickstarter project, you will have your opportunity to Get your BanjoUkulele!

I also offer cheaper rewards, such as keychains, piezo-systems and T-shirts.

There’s only a bad aspect: my campaign can last only for 25 days.

What are you waiting for? Be fast! The rewards are limited!


The BanjoUkulele is a four stringed musical instrument with a powerful sound given by the fish leather of which its soundboard is made of.
The model I’ve designed is inspired by the mountain banjo (a special type of banjo) and it is built in two pieces, with a neckthrough body.

The key aspect: the lightness and the sweet sound of this instrument makes this musical plucked instrument special and unique in his category.

I decided to make it the protagonist of my Kickstarter campaign, because of its following characteristics:

  • Powerful sound: the Waiz BanjoUkulele’s sound is loud, more than the usual ukulele. However, it mantains its tipical sweet sound, especially if it is played with fingertips.
  • Strength: The Waiz BanjoUkulele is a very strong musical instrument. It is built in two 18mm thick chunks of spanish cedar, which is a very stable type of wood, and in a fish leather soundboard, which provides resistance.
  • Unique design: the aesthetic of the Waiz BanjoUkulele is unique and simple, aiming at having a light and comfortable instrument.
  • Quality: precision and accuracy are on of the main drivers in creating each instrument. I select the best materials at my disposal.
  • Economic price: I became quite efficient in making the Waiz BanjoUkulele. Hence, I am able to keep the price low, making each instrument more affordable.

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