When everything began

Paolo Bianchi’s artistic journey as a luthier began in 2015 when he graduated from an art high school in Varese, Italy. Intrigued by the harmonious blend of sculpting and music, he found himself drawn to the renowned Civica Scuola di Liuteria di Milano, a prestigious institution known worldwide for its excellence in luthier education. This experience proved transformative, illuminating his path and revealing his true passion: becoming a luthier who crafts unique pieces by experimenting with new materials and expressing his creativity through the art of luthiery.

It was during these formative years that Paolo’s encounter with the ukulele marked a significant moment. The enchanting resonance of this small instrument captured his heart instantaneously. This discovery ignited a love affair with ukuleles that would shape his future.

In 2019, Paolo’s dedication to refining his craft as a luthier led him to enroll in an engraving course under the guidance of the renowned Italian luthier, Enrico Allorto. This experience not only improved his woodworking and engraving skills but also opened doors to collaboration, notably with fellow luthier Lorenzo Lippi. Through these collaborations, Paolo continued to enhance his expertise and reputation in the luthier community.

The year 2020 witnessed a remarkable turning point for Paolo. A successful Kickstarter campaign propelled his handcrafted banjoleles to many different parts of the world. This triumph sent him straight into the intricate world of ukuleles, where he embarked on a journey of experimentation, crafting diverse variations including electric, archtop, and travel models. With every creation, he was able to perfectionate his skills, evolving into an expert ukulele builder. By 2023, his dedication proved to be successful, when he reached the number of 100 ukuleles built! An impressive number to achieve at the tender age of 26.

Today, Paolo is a full-time luthier, dedicating most of his time to his small workshop in Northern Italy. As a passionate luthier, he frequently attends ukulele festivals and markets, engaging with a global community of ukulele enthusiasts both virtually and in person. His insatiable hunger for knowledge and inspiration drives him as a luthier. Paolo also collaborates with Atelier Arte Manouche and Liuteria Cocopelli on a project focused on constructing manouche guitars. As he forges ahead, the eccentric charisma that defines Paolo, coupled with his distinct sense of style, promises a future brimming with even more audacious and captivating ukulele creations.