Bluesman Banjo ukulele

The Bluesman’s banjolele is the most essential model of Waiz Banjo ukulele production.

The fretboard is removed and frets are put directly in the mahogany neck.

Mahogany neck
The body is composed by two different
woods, joint together: spanish cedar and
The mohogany neck gives strength to the
instrument and is hard enough to be used as fretboard.
Strings are attached to four nails put on
the side of the instrument.


Model: Bluesman
Soundboard Fish skin
Body: Spanish cedar and Mahogany
Tonering: Aluminum, brass
Neck: Mahogany
Nut: Ebony
Fretboard: Mahogany
Diapason: Soprano: 330 mm (13″)
Concerto: 381 mm (15″)
Tenore: 432 mm (17″)
Radius: flat
Bridge: Maple
Finish: Tru-oil
Tuning pegs: ebony, rosewood
Amplification: On request
Case: Soft case
Dimensions Soprano: 550x 202 x 35 mm
Concerto: 581 x 232 x 35 mm
Tenor: 625 x 232 x 35 mm
Net weight: Soprano: 485 g
Concert: 580 g
Tenor: 625 g


Click here to download BLUESMAN’S BANJOLELE PDF: donwload-PDF-leaflet



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