Bluesman’s Banjolele: reviews

09/2020: Clemens Suerbaum

I got my Banjolele from the Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign. As you may know, crowdfunding is always a bit of an adventure. With Paolo it was a pleasure. I had a creative discussion with him about the design of the neck to achieve more straight strings at this section. He was very open for new ideas – and in the end his was the best (of course). Thanks for being treated fair and with respect, not as an amateur!
Now to the Banjolele. Again here, I am an amateur. So my ears may not be trained enough to give you a perfect assessment whether the tuning is perfect, but I really like the sound. It is not too shy and not too intrusive. Comparing to a table talk, the banjolele is the one where you do neither have to ask “Come again?” nor to wish you had ear flaps.
Optical and haptic impression: The Banjolele is a beauty to look on and to touch. It is an instrument with its own character, not a shrunken guitar. The wood and the fish skin harmonize nicely. Its flat form is very special. Conclusion: Everybody liked it.
The only thing I missed: The Banjolole came without a bottle of magic potion which turns me immediately into an adorable Bajolele player 😉

Best regards
Clemens, from Munich, Germany


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