Supernova short scale guitar by Waiz Paolo Bianchi

Price starting from 650€

The SUPERNOVA is the latest creation of Waiz production!

It’s a short scale guitar (it has the same scale of the tenor ukulele, 430 mm) that can be tuned like a classical guitar or an octave higer!

Supernova is the perfect choice if you want to experiment an amazing small guitar with an incredible sound!


Model: Supernova
Soundboard Fish skin
Body: Spanish cedar
Tonering: Aluminum
Neck: Spanish cedar
Nut: Horne, Bone
Fretboard: Ebony, rosewood
Diapason: 430 mm (13″)
Radius: 20”
Bridge: Ebony, maple
Finish: Tru-oil
Tuning pegs: ebony, rosewood
Amplification: On request
Case: On request
Dimensions: 750x295x35 mm
Net weight: 950 g


Click here to download SUPERNOVA PDF: donwload-PDF-leaflet



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