Biography of Master luthier Paolo Bianchi

Paolo-Bianchi-master-luthier Paolo Bianchi has graduated in Liceo Artistico A. Frattini in 2015, where he attended several courses learning the arts of Drawing and Sculpture.

In the following years, his love for sculpting and music brings him to attend courses of Lutherie and improves his knowledge in Civica Scuola di Liuteria di Milano, where he has graduated in 2019.

In 2018 he also attended the course of engraving,
course held by the teacher and master luthier Enrico Allorto, where he learned best tecniques of engraving.

Paolo is currently working for Liuteria Cocopelli, laboratory of Master Luthier Simone Assunto.

On his own, Paolo is developing a personal range of acoustic guitars and he launched a Kickstarter campaign, where he produced original models of Banjo Ukulele and by which he collected the needed sum of money to start his handcraft activity.

With this Kickstarter campaign he wanted to collect a sum of money in exchange of Banjo Ukulele and other rewards to those who wanted to contribute in his project.

All of this makes WAIZ BANJO UKULELE possible allowing Paolo Bianchi to start his brand activity manufacturing an original and unique handmade instrument at an exclusive and reachable price.

  • Paolo-Bianchi-master-luthier-at-work
  • Paolo-Bianchi-choosing-woods-quality
  • Paolo-Bianchi-choosing-woods-for-banjo-ukulele
  • Paolo-Bianchi-at-work-in-waiz-workshop
  • the-italian-luthier-for-banjo-ukulele
  • Paolo-Bianchi-master-luthier
  • paolo-bianchi-luthier
  • Paolo-Bianchi-lutherie-workshop
  • Tenor-and-soprano-banjo-ukuleles


2 thoughts on “Biography of Master luthier Paolo Bianchi

  1. I support your artistic talent in creating your own Banjolele.
    I am a ukulele Ambassadors in my community where I live in Canada.
    I wish to be the first winner of the Banjolele.


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