09/2020: Clemens Suerbaum

I got my Banjolele from the Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign. As you may know, crowdfunding is always a bit of an adventure. With Paolo it was a pleasure. I had a creative discussion with him about the design of the neck to achieve more straight strings at this section. He was very open for new ideas – and in the end his was the best (of course). Thanks for being treated fair and with respect, not as an amateur!
Now to the Banjolele. Again here, I am an amateur. So my ears may not be trained enough to give you a perfect assessment whether the tuning is perfect, but I really like the sound. It is not too shy and not too intrusive. Comparing to a table talk, the banjolele is the one where you do neither have to ask “Come again?” nor to wish you had ear flaps.
Optical and haptic impression: The Banjolele is a beauty to look on and to touch. It is an instrument with its own character, not a shrunken guitar. The wood and the fish skin harmonize nicely. Its flat form is very special. Conclusion: Everybody liked it.
The only thing I missed: The Banjolole came without a bottle of magic potion which turns me immediately into an adorable Bajolele player ;-)

Best regards
Clemens, from Munich, Germany

10/2020: Anthony Kietz

The banjolele you made for me just arrived earlier today. It looks and sounds amazing. You are exceptionally talented. Thank you so much for the opportunity to play such a unique instrument!