Gourd ukes and banjos

The Gourd Uke has born from the union of a spanish cedar neck, a gourd and a fish skin.

The Gourd Uke is a wild ukulele and it’s simplicity makes it really elegant.

neck Neck
The neck is made of spanish cedar, the instrument is really light and smells good.

soundboard Soundboard
The fish skin is glued and kept in place by upholstery nails.

gourd Gourd
The gourd uke acts as a sound box and mixes all the harmonics of the strings, creating a really original sound: everey Gourd uke has his own voice.

Gourd Uke is available in all sizes!


Model: Gourd
Soundboard Fish skin
Body: Gourd
Neck: Spanish cedar
Nut: Horn, Bone
Fretboard: Ebony, rosewood
Radius: Flat
Bridge: Ebony, maple
Finish: Tru-oil
Tuning pegs: Ebony, rosewood
Amplification: On request
Case: Soft case



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