Supernova guitalele

The Supernova guitalele is the WAIZ latest creation


Supernova is a guitalele or short-scale guitar
Same scale of a tenor model of Prestigious tenor banjo ukulele, 430 mm) that can be tuned like a classical guitar or an octave higher guitar.

Supernova-guitalele Supernova guitalele is the perfect choice if you want to experiment an amazing small guitalele with an incredible sound.

Have you ever played a Soprano banjo guitar?

All this is Supernova guitalele by WAIZ: the amazing soprano guitar that sounds like a banjo.

Built in two pieces, with a neckthrough body Supernova has a strong body structure that provides sustain to the notes.

Supernova-rear-view Supernova-guitalele-general-view Supernova-guitalele-front-view

The fretboard has a light radius 20” that gives comfort to the neck, and also makes it more playable with a pick.

But what gives a loud voice to this instrument is the fish skin: this particular type of skin is rich of resonances and has a really brillant voice.

Because WAIZ wants to please every guitarist, if you are vegan, the Supernova guitalele can be equipped with a synthetic fiberskin supplied by REMO.

Waiz-tightening-system Supernova guitalele is always equipped with WAIZ skin tightening system, which is unique in the world: composed by six allen screws that press on a tonering: to tune your banjo head you will only need a small allen key.

If you are a guitarist and you want to explore higher notes, the Supernova guitalele is the right choice for you to expand all possibilities enhancing your musical feel.

waiz-supernova-guitalele You will never forget the moment playing Supernova guitalele since the first time!


Model:Supernova guitalele
SoundboardFish skin
Synthetic fiberskin by REMO
Body:Spanish cedar
Neck:Spanish cedar
Nut:Horne, Bone
Fretboard:Ebony, rosewood
Diapason:430 mm (13″)
Bridge:Ebony, maple
Tuning pegs:ebony, rosewood
Amplification:On request
Case:On request
Dimensions:750x295x35 mm
Net weight:950 g


Click here to download SUPERNOVA PDF: donwload-PDF-leaflet


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