The first notes on this tenor Prestigious model! 🎶
The brass tone ring provides volume and sustain to the voice of this instrument, that only weighs 650 g 😜
Testing this new soprano model! 💥

It’s built with a spanish cedar body and a “blackwood tek” fretboard.

The blackwood tek is a technologically modified wood that exhibites properties and and appearance of african ebony.
It’s lighter and more stable than ebony, I choose it also because it’s eco-friendly.

On this article you can read more about blackwood tek:
Last chords before shipping! 🛫

This is a Prestigious model with blackwood tek fretboard, fish skin head and brass tonering! 🔥
Ecco Tico Tico suonata sul Banjolele Soprano di qualità Waiz.

→ Mancano cinque giorni al lancio della mia campagna su Kickstarter, siamo carichi??

Cliccando su questo link potete richiedere una notifica dell’apertura della campagna, anche se spero che lo abbiate già segnato sull’agenda:…/paul…/handmade-banjoleles-waiz

This is “Tico Tico” played on the Waiz Soprano Banjolele.

→ Five days left from the launch of my Kickstarter campaign!

You can recieve a notify once the campaign is out by clicking on the link:…/paul…/handmade-banjoleles-waiz
Ecco una demo del modello Bluesman’s!
Non sarà un brano blues, ma si intonava con l’atmosfera della cava.

Vi ricordo che il 1° Aprile pubblicherò la mia campagna di raccolta fondi su Kickstarter! Non sarà un pesce d’aprile, quindi ricordatevene, per favore!! 🙏

Grazie a Giulia Bonora per le riprese!

Grazie, stay tuned!! —

Another demo of Waiz Banjoleles!

Available with other beautiful REWARDS on my Kickstarter campaign! (from 01.04.2020)

Video shooting: Giulia Bonora.

Stay tuned!! —
Ecco una demo del Banjolele Soprano marchiato Waiz! (magari qualcuno riconosce la canzoncina, anche se è un po’ storpiata)
Sarà disponibile sulla mia campagna di crowdfundig dal 01.04.2020, più info sul mio sito:

Video shooting: Giulia Bonora
Audio recording: Alessandro Micheloni

This is a short demo of Waiz Soprano Banjolele
From 01.04.2020 it will be available on my kickstarter campaign:
Ecco un video demo dell’ultimo Gourd – Banjo – Ukulele da me costruito!
E’ il primo delle “Cava sessions”, raccolta di video girati in una cava abbandonata.
Questo strumento sarà disponibile tra le ricompense della mia campagna di crowdfunding sulla piattaforma Kickstarter, che inizieà il 01.04.2020!
Per non dimenticare, il mio sito web:

Ringrazio Giulia Bonora per le riprese e Alessandro Micheloni per la registrazione audio!

This is the first video of the Cava sessions!
I’m playing a tenor Gourd Banjoukulele made by me.
It will be available on my kickstarter campaign from 01.04.2020!
My website:
Le prime note sul Gourd Banjo a 5 corde!
Purtroppo non sono molto in grado di suonarlo, ma le sonorità sono interessanti!

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

I played for the first time my new five strings gourd banjo!
I will improve my playing technique, but I think that it sounds good.
Ecco finalmente terminato il Gourd-Ukulele!
Manico in cedrella, tastiera in palissandro, piano armonico in pelle di pesce, il tutto montato su una zucca che funge da cassa di risonanza!
– – – – – – – – – – – –
This is the tenor Gourd-Ukulele!
Realized with spanish cedar, rosewood, fish leather and, obviously, a gourd!
Greensleeves suonata sul modello sul banjoukulele soprano marchiato Waiz!
This Supernova will leave Waiz studio very soon! 🔥
This one is tuned in C, the next two ones will have the same tuning of a classical guitar! 😎
Some months ago Luca Castelli played one of my banjoleles, he enjoyed it but it wasn’t enough:
he wanted six strings instead of four!
So I built the first Supernova, and I’m really happy for the result.
As you can hear, it’s amplified with a piezo sensor, maybe I’ve exaggerated with the reverb 😅
It’s a really particular instrument, I haven’t understood yet for which kind of music it could be used!

Which music would you play with it?
I’M LOOKING FOR open-minded musicians who want to play this ⤵️

I would like to thank all of you incredible people who believed in this project and made it possible.

The campaign exceeded its goal 🏁 but I still want to keep it up for anyone who wants to play the unique handmade WAIZ BENJOLELE 🪕 the benjoukulele which sounds louder than a guitar.


❗️ … at the end of the campaign I will close the orders, and you could NOT book it for months (no, not even if you pay me in advance 🙂)

• If you’re a musician and you’re looking for a peculiar sound for your shows
• if you want to play something different
• or if you’re a collector

please hurry up because there are few hours left for grabbing it!

Thank you 💚

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