WAIZ Ukuleles , Banjos , and Banjoleles were immediately distributed all over the world, from Italy to Canada, from the United Kingdom to Australia. Through WAIZ, Paolo Bianchi responds to the need of all those musicians who want
• playing Ukulele[1] and Banjo[2]  with a powerful, refined, and immediately recognizable sound • find a valid alternative to the guitar for live shows and online videos • have a design instrumentnot the usual low-grade Ukulele • also strengthening the identity of the Ukulele[3]  and the Banjo[4]  • and bringing even the most “serious” musicians closer to these cult instruments – they have been often kept away from the mistaken opinion that these instruments are simply “funny”
The result was collected with a Kickstarter campaign that made it possible to exceed the set goal by 140%, thus giving life to the WAIZ line.