Tembo – travel ukulele


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Tembo is the ultimate travel ukulele, born from a constantly-moving individual’s creative mind and crafted by a true
artist’s skilled hands. This compact instrument is more than just a ukulele – it’s a concept, an idea.


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Carved from a unique piece of Spanish cedar and covered with a thin red cedar soundboard, the structure of this ukulele is solid and duarable.

Red cedar is commonly used for classical guitar construction, it has a very soft sound and remarkable sustain.

Spanish cedar is a lightweight and stable wood (withstands changes in humidity and does not deform over time), it also has very beautiful grain patterns.

Ebony is the quintessential fingerboard wood, extremely hard and durable, it provides good sustain to the instrument and elevates its value and beauty.

Bone: factory ukuleles, are usually made of plastic or other synthetic materials, which do not guarantee good sound transmission. Tembo uses bone, which provides more sustain and better tuning stability (plastic ones can compress over time, causing the string to not slide properly or even get stuck).

Zero fret: The zero fret ensures that the sound of the open strings is the same as that of the fretted strings.

Tembo’s distinctive appearance is enhanced by its almond-shaped soundhole, as well as the small elephant designs on the fretboard and the ukulele logo adorning the headstock.


The Kenya Ukulele Project is a wonderful initiative that aims to provide music education and ukuleles to underprivileged children in Kenyan schools.

The project raises funds through its online shop and the sale of the “Tembo Ukulele” to support its mission of bringing the joy of music to those who would otherwise not have access to it.

Last year, the project was able to donate 70 ukuleles to Kenyan schools, making a positive impact on the lives of many children. This year, the project is looking to expand its reach by bringing in music teachers to join its volunteer program and teach the teachers in Kenya.

This will enable more children to benefit from music education and the many advantages it brings. The Tembo ukulele, which is sold by the project, is a beautifully crafted instrument that is both durable and affordable. By purchasing one of these ukuleles, you can not only enjoy playing music but also contribute to a worthy cause.


Scale lenght330 mm (13″)
TopRed CedarBodySpanish Cedar / OkumeNeckSpanish Cedar / OkumeFingerboardEbonySide dotsWhite MopZero FretYesNut & SaddleBoneHeadstock coverEbony with Ukulele Safari LogoFinishNatural oil satin effectTembo inlayWhite MopTuning pegs4:1 geared pegsStringsWaiz fluorocarbonTuningGCEA hIGH g (also available with low G)Strap ButtonWoodenDimensions530 x 195 x 35 mmWeight380 g


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    Dimensioni16 × 40 × 70 mm


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