Archtop ukulele
I bet you have never played an archtop ukulele!

virtuoso-waiz-italy Virtuoso is an archtop ukulele with a violin aestetic, delivering an incredible sound experience. Crafted with curly maple back and sides, and a cedar soundboard, this unique ukulele produces a warm and rounded tone, setting it apart from many other ukuleles on the market. Both the top and back are meticulously carved, just like the construction of a violin. This enhances the structural strength and enables the soundboard to resist the pressure of the ebony bridge, resulting in a responsive soundboard with dynamic range and incredible projection.

Main Highlights:

  • Unique Sound: Round, warm, and voluminous, offering ample volume.
  • Lightweight: Very light and comfortable to play.
  • Artisanal Touch: Handmade rope binding adds to its appeal.
  • One-of-a-Kind: A distinctive instrument that’s a great addition to your collection.
Calico trio from Vienna playing Virtuoso Soprano

This little gem is a must-have, both for uke collectors but also beginners; it is comfortable, intuitive, easy to play, but also sophisticated. I’m confident that a design like this is likely to catch the eye of even the most seasoned observers. Noteworthy is the fact that unlike many industrial counterparts crafted from laminated layers, this ukulele is carved out of solid wood.

Just as the term denotes unparalleled expertise, this instrument has been meticulously crafted to elevate your musical journey. By choosing the Virtuoso ukulele, you’re not only embracing an exceptional musical companion but also evolving into a true virtuoso.

The Virtuoso is available in two versions: the standard model lacks bindings and fretboard inlays.The premium model features handmade rope binding and the fretboard is adorned with vintage-style mother of pearl fret markers. Both models come in both soprano and tenor sizes.
To purchase, you can choose to place an order directly from the shop for pre-made items or customize your order based on your preferences by filling out the info request.
If you’re aspiring to be a true virtuoso ukuleleist, this exceptional instrument is a must-have!


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